Laser welding safety

If you are purchasing or have purchased laser welding equipment for your company, it is very important that the operator of the equipment and the workers in its immediate vicinity are aware of the dangers associated with laser welding and the related preventive requirements.

  • There must be at least 5 m of space in the vicinity of the laser welding work area, where there are no flammable objects, and there must be no explosive objects within a 10 m radius.
  • There must be fire safety equipment near the welding work area. In addition, the room must be well ventilated, as gases and compounds dangerous to humans may be released during welding.
    Before welding, it is necessary to make sure that the materials to be welded are suitable for the purpose of welding. Materials may be warm during and after welding, so allow the material to cool before handling.
  • The operator of the welding bench must wear protective clothing for welding and a protective mask with adjustable darkness. Also, persons in the machine room must wear protective glasses or a mask for laser welding.
  • During welding, turning the welding gun to an angle of 90 degrees must be avoided, and people and body parts must not be located in front of the welding gun in order to avoid health damage caused by the reflection of the material.
  • Before starting welding, it is mandatory to make sure that there are no interfering obstacles in the trajectory
  • When laser welding, you must follow the recommended welding parameters and modes.
  • The laser welding machine must be stored and used in a dry room where there is no air pollution, high voltage or strong magnetic force.
Laser welding