Used CNC equipment

LASERMEISTER will help you find the right used device for you. We have many reliable partners in Europe. You can also check out a suitable machine yourself. When making a selection, we check and make sure that the laser machine is working. we carry out transport installation and training with insurance!

We also offer brokerage sales of machines for those who want to upgrade their production equipment or just sell their production machines. We perform diagnostics and an overview of the condition of all benches before the assessment. Not all current offers may be reflected on the website, so if you are interested, you should definitely contact us and we will find a suitable machine for you.


12.2023 - CO2 laser cutter/engraver 100W, Harjumaa

Thunderlaser 100W desktop with dimensions 600x900mm, new model. The machine is practically new. The description of the laser can be found at:
Price: 5700 (0% VAT)

02.2023 - CO2-RF laser cutter/engraver 400W, Germany

Trotec SP1500 400W RF Resonator

Year of production 2016

desktop dimensions 1500x1250mm

Control computer included; software; cooler; withdrawal

more info:

The machine is in good condition.

Price: 82000 EUR

01.2023 - CO2-RF laser cutter / engraver 30W, Lääne County

Gravograph LS900 30W RF resonator

desktop dimensions 610x610mm

Comes with a Gravograph software license worth € 1200

more info:

The machine is little used and in very good condition.
Price and availability: ASK

11.2021 - Amada LC3015 X1 NT 4KW Germany

A little used bench with an automatic desktop change magazine

Year: 2008

Resonator: 4 kW

Working area: 3 x 000mm

Ask for an offer!

09.2020 - CO2 Metal Cutter 2000W, Germany

1999 Amada LC2415 alpha III 2KW, Fanuc 160iL control

3000 x 1550

10mm mild steel, 4mm stainless, 4mm AL

Price: 45 (000% VAT)

11.2021 - 3D CNC Laser TRUMPF LASERCELL TLC 1005, Poland

Year: 1999

Resonator: 3 kW

Working area: 3 x 000mm

Control: CNC SIEMENS 840 D

Ask for an offer!

10.2021 - Bystronic Byspeed 3015 4,4 kW, Poland 

Year: 2007

Resonator: 4,4 kW

Working area: 3 x 000mm

Control: CNC Bystronic ByVision

Ask for an offer!

01.2020 - PIRANHA CO2 laser cutter / engraver 40W, Harju County

Little used radecal machines are available - PIRANHA engraver 300x500mm 40W. Regularly maintained. less than 1000h working hours. Lasers controlled and at full power.

With spare laser tube.

machine parameters:


PRICE: 3300 € + km


10.2020 - ÜRASK milling machine, Harju County

The ÜRASK milling machine MK2 model set up for demonstrations is available. In working order and very little used.

machine parameters:

PRICE: 2450 € + km



Supply of special purpose machinery

We also offer the opportunity to purchase special purpose laser machines and various accessories. Our partner factories have benches with different work areas and cutting capacities, which allow you to engage in both small and large production. The laser master ensures the best value for money and professional technical support and maintenance. We offer training for both bench operators and engineers who want to create designs for laser cutters. If you have more specific wishes and possibilities, contact us and together we will find the most suitable solution for you!

If you are purchasing a machine that is not available in the LASERMEISTER selection, we will help you organize the procurement. We can often find a better deal on your preferred manufacturer's machine by benefiting from your dealer network. Laser masters also offer you a consultation on purchasing a new laser or a used machine. We assist in the delivery, setup and training of third party machines.