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Aeon Laser MIRA for sale

The company Aeon Laser, CNC laser machine MIRA is a very capable CO2 laser cutter and laser engraver for our professional use, pro series. It is also the most compact and affordable laser cutter model in the series. …

SmartBench - PrecisionPRO

SmartBench PrecisionPRO is a completely new type of milling machine from the English company YetiTool. The machine is of high quality and is suitable for both beginners and profiles. The unique design of the machine allows the device to be packed in three…


    The Bodor laser welding machine uses the latest active air-cooled technology. The welding machine is conveniently portable. Compared to a water-cooled laser welding machine, its size is about 1/4; about 1/3 the weight; power consumption 1/2. The body of the machine is...

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Standing wave vs pulsed laser

There are two main types of lasers: pulsed lasers and continuous wave (CW) lasers. Although both types of lasers produce light, they differ in the way it is produced and emitted. In this article, we explain the main…