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Aeon Laser MIRA for sale

The company Aeon Laser, CNC laser machine MIRA is a very capable CO2 laser cutter and laser engraver for our professional use, pro series. It is also the most compact and affordable laser cutter model in the series. …

SmartBench - PrecisionPRO

SmartBench PrecisionPRO is a completely new type of milling machine from the English company YetiTool. The machine is of high quality and is suitable for both beginners and profiles. The unique design of the machine allows you to pack the device together 3…

LM500700 80W

The LM500700 laserpink allows you to do larger and more complex projects. The more powerful laser tube and the modularity of the bench make a large machine very flexible. The LM500700 is built from industrial grade components, with the most popular designs and is compatible with…

10% discount for educational institutions and schools on all LASERMEISTER products and services!

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The next big step for humanity

In 2020, AEON lasers came to us, this year, in 2021, we added SmartBench CNC, which we represent all over the Baltics! SmartBench is the world's first industrial-grade portable 1250 × 2500 mm workspace processing 3D CNC…

LASERMEISTER, laser welding

LASERMEISTER maintenance technicians visited the Kielce Strom trade fair in Poland to learn about the various metalworking technologies on offer. Among other things, we improved our laser welding skills. For training there was a 2kW fiber welding device, which is recommended to weld up to 4mm thick…

CNC milling machine ÜRASK

ÜRASK milling plywood: // V = 5d_ogVw2OZY CNC Milling machine LM-CNC1000, popularly named, ÜRASK - is an affordable and user-friendly machine. After a short training, you can start adding CNC milling options to your small production or garage. Machine…

Financing the purchase of a laser bench

Buying a device is not the only way to upgrade your fleet today. Regardless of the size of the Company, there are different financing options. There are also great support measures, projects and financial services for individuals and educational institutions. Listed below…