LASERMEISTER keeps his Tallinna stock a large number of spare parts and accessories for the most common laser machines. We offer official spare parts and accessories for the following brands, among others: Aeon; Bodor; Epilogue; Trotec; Gravograph; Panasonic; IPG; Rayther; Mazak; Boss Laser; G-Weike; Piranha; Thunder Laser; GCC; Synrad; Rofin; Coherent; etc. Correctly selected accessories increase the quality of your work and the capacity of the machine. To order a spare part or accessory, send an inquiry with the model number of your machine. The selection of all spare parts and details is not reflected in our online catalog.

Ordering and consulting:

Safety equipment

The goggles are intended for both the operator and the person in the same workroom to prevent possible unwanted reflections from the laser beam. Also offer a number of additional options for maximum safety.

Glasses Features Price
Operator goggles that comply with EN 207: 2017 and CE standards ensure maximum safety for the operator of the device, while also protecting the eyes from strong radiation. The use of operator goggles is mandatory when setting up the laser or using the device with the lid open. We offer operator goggles for many wavelength ranges. Safety goggles provide effective protection only against the wavelengths assigned to them.

Goggles for the most common machines are available on site, but goggles are available for practically every laser device. Ask for a quote


* price applies to the most common wavelengths

LM-405-CPL welding mask for 860-1070 nm laser cleaning and laser welding devices.

EN 12254; EN 175: 1997and high-power laser radiation masks and glasses that meet the CE standard are mandatory protective equipment for laser welding, laser cleaning and other situations where exposure to laser radiation is immediate.

Product sheet LM-405-CPL

 fireproof glass Goggles of different sizes and laser protection curtains to separate the open laser from the rest of the room. Ask for an offer!
Separate screens and safety curtains of different sizes to separate the open laser from the rest of the room. Ask for an offer!
laser safety Machine operation indicator installation. The bright red light is clearly visible and warns bystanders that the laser bench is being used. €130+km
laser Cutting chamber fire detector. The fire detector is installed for additional safety. The sensor is not sensitive to smoke but only responds to the temperature in the cutting chamber. The sensor triggers a loud beep in the event of a fire.  €45+km

Safety stickers Features Price
Laser master safety stickers to mark the safety and operating requirements of a Class 4 laser device. €16+km
Ventilation system

Laser cutting and engraving evaporate materials and produce smoke. Therefore, a proper ventilation system is very important. Toxic fumes from cutting and engraving many plastics need to be filtered before venting to the atmosphere. We sell both smoke extraction fans and BOFA industrial smoke filtration equipment enabling the machinery to be operated without extraction or to capture toxic smoke before being released into the atmosphere.

Fan / Smoke Filter Info Price
 Exhaust Dust and Smoke Blower Fan for Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine, 550W, 220V Exhaust fans allow better air exchange, on which the cutting quality often depends. A fan with the right power will give you clean air and a pleasant working environment. Devices with different capacities are available. Ask for a quote!
BOFA AD 350 is a smoke filter system for engraving machines and allows engraving indoors without external ventilation. Suitable for machines with a working area of ​​up to 500x700mm. Can also be used for low laser cutting but above all is suitable for engraving.

size: 590 x 405 x 465 mm

air flow and pressure: 380m3 / hr / 96mbar

noise level: <62dBA

BOFA AD 1100 is a smoke filtration and laser air purification system for medium-sized laser cutting machines. The device allows engraving indoors without external air exchange. Suitable for machines with a working area of ​​up to 1000x600mm.


1205 615 x x 790mm

air flow and pressure: 850m3 / hr / 100mbar

noise level: <62dBA

Donaldson DFOE dust collectors are used to remove metal dust and fumes from laser cutting machines. Donaldson's high quality, high efficiency Plug-and-Play design, suitable for continuous operation.
Compact design for small footprint, easy and cost-effective installation.

Optional spark arrester

oval Ultra-Web FR ® cartridge filters,

Clip-on dust box for easy cleaning.

Delta P-C01 controller

Ask for a quote!
LASERMEISTER is the official representative of BOFA and DONALDSON in Estonia. We have a large selection of BOFA air filtration and air purification systems available for special requirements. You can see the entire selection from the catalog! Ask for an offer!
Lenses and mirrors

The mirrors direct the laser beam from the tube to the cutting head. The lenses focus the laser beam from the cutting head to the desktop. To ensure proper operation of the device, the optical components must be cleaned regularly during regular maintenance.

Lenses / Mirrors Info Price
 100mm-Focus-Lens-for-Laser-Cutting-Machine You can adjust the focal length with the lenses. When cutting / engraving thicker materials, the focal length of the lens is important when using a bench without a Z axis.

The selection includes:
-HQ Zinc-Selenide lenses

∅18mm (max 100W)


∅20mm (max 200W)

∅25mm (max 260W)

Special purpose and special size lenses: ask for an offer!
 _DSC4646 F + 0.5 "focal length adapter for PRO series. Allows you to place a 0.5" longer focal length lens on the cutting head, bringing the cutting head closer to the material so as not to obstruct the laser beam during cutting. 55 € + km
Mo-Laser-Mirror-20mm-Molybdenum-Laser-Reflecting-Mirror-Using-for-co2-Laser-Cutting-And-Engraving-Machine.jpg_200x200 Mirrors are very delicate details. Scratches and dirt on the mirrors can interfere with the laser

The choice of surface coatings includes: molybdenum; gold; copper; platinum.

∅20 / ∅25 HQ Polished Molybdenum

∅30 HQ Polished Molybdenum €40+km

Phase shift and other special purpose mirrors: ask for an offer!

zeiss-wet-cleaning cloths Disposable cleaning cloths, Zeiss 100pcs 45 € + km
Cooling system

We offer various cooling systems that allow you to increase the laser operating hours. The choice of cooling system depends on the intensity of laser use.


Cooling system Features Price

CW3A for sale

Ideal for laser machines with power 40-60W

Flow alarm

9L Tank

Cooling power 50W / ℃


CW5A for sale

Ideal for laser machines with power 60-130W

Long life

Intelligent temperature control ± 0.3 ℃

Flow and temperature alarm

6L Tank

Cooling capacity 5000Btu / h



Ideal for laser machines with power 150-300W

Long life

Intelligent temperature control ± 0.3 ℃

Flow and temperature alarm

15L Tank

Ask for an offer!

1000DPI max

A CO2 laser tube, or laser lamp - is a closed container filled with gas, in which a laser beam is formed by means of high voltage. The capacity of the existing CO2 cutting machine can be increased by upgrading the power supply and laser lamp. Depending on the materials to be cut, it is necessary to select the correct laser lamp power. Lower power lasers are more suitable for engraving. It is a part of the cost, the lifespan of which depends on the load and the method of use. The life expectancy of a high-quality laser lamp is 5000 operating hours. Our laser tubes meet high quality standards and are marked with real, stable power rather than a theoretical maximum. The LASERMEISTER service technician adjusts the power supply to match the laser lamp during installation to ensure maximum life.

 Laser tube Power Price
Red pin laser tube


40w standard CO2 €340+km
PRO * CO2 €490+km
60w standard CO2 €550+km
PRO * CO2 €730+km
80w standard €780+km
PRO * CO2 €990+km
100w standard CO2 €960+km
PRO * CO2 €1250+km
130w standard CO2




150-260W CO2 Ask for an offer!

* PRO series resonators are integrated with red post-ionization laser models

RF Resonators

4000DPI max

An RF resonator is a gas-filled closed vessel in which a laser beam is generated by radio wave modulation. RF technology allows for more accurate alignment of photons and fast frequency changes. The advantages of an RF resonator for a glass laser lamp are up to 4x higher accuracy on engravings, maximum 4000DPI. The lower focus beam and the ability to modulate the frequency allow you to cut thicker material at the same optical power. RF resonators have a 10x longer lifespan compared to CO2 laser lamps. Most LASERMEISTER machines can be configured with RF modulated lasers to increase the speed and quality of work!


 Laser tube Power Price


30w zamia €2850+km
Coherent Ask for an offer!
60w zamia €7520+km
Coherent Ask for an offer!
80w zamia €11805+km
Coherent Ask for an offer!
100w zamia €13100+km
Coherent Ask for an offer!
120-260W Ask for an offer!




CO2 laser power supplies

The high voltage power supply provides the necessary electrical current for the operation of the laser tube. The power of the power supply must correspond to the power of the laser tube used. Only a trained technician may replace the power supply.



Power supply Power Price
50w €245+km
60w €345+km
80w €385+km
100w €455+km
150w €605+km
RF Resonator Power Supplies

The RF power supply is responsible for the power supply to the RF resonator. The power supply is installed with the RF resonator and must match the resonator model and power. Only a trained technician may replace the power supply.

Power supply Power Price
30-250W Ask for an offer!

Marking tools are used for engraving metals. The surface is first covered with a special substrate and then the selected engraving is engraved on the part. Using a laser beam, a special layer on the substrate is attached to the metal to be engraved and the remaining layer is removed from the material. The result is high quality and wear-resistant engraving. Aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper and many other alloys can be engraved.

Marking tool Info Price
Marking tape is a simple and safe tool for engraving various metal surfaces. The tape is glued to the surface and then the desired marking is engraved through it.

Engraving with a minimum power of 50W and low speed.

25 mm wide tape in 33 m roll



50 mm wide tape

33 m roll


The marking paste is applied to the material with a brush or diluted in ethanol and applied by spray. NB this is a toxic and environmentally hazardous chemical!

Engraving with a minimum power of 50W and low speed.




Rotary axles

Swivel axes allow you to engrave or cut a variety of round details. The rotary axis is set in just one plug change and it only takes a few minutes to return to the original setting.


Rotary axles Info Price
side axis Swivel axes with stationary rollers are very easy to use and are suitable for projects that require less precision, such as marking souvenirs. €300+km
Swivel axes with adjustable rollers allow you to engrave uneven cylinders such as bottles, glasses and bats. €440+km
Precise, chuck-mounted rotary axes are suitable for work that requires firm fixation and high precision. €520+km
Rotary axes with different solutions and functions, addition of a rotary axis function. Ask for an offer!


Fine-tuning accessories
Spare parts and accessories Info Price
 screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-0-35-17 Add an ammeter or other additional instrument to the bench control panel. The ammeter allows you to accurately monitor the performance of the CO2 laser tube and adjust the power. Ask for a quote!
4735-2470067 The airflow regulators allow precise control of the airflow speed in the cutting head. Some jobs require less air pressure, but at the same time, the laser beam needs maximum air flow to chew through some materials. With a simple regulator, the operator has precise control over the airflow. Ask for a quote!
cutting-to-the-chase-on-gas-delivery-for-co2-lasers-1 An automatic auxiliary gas and airflow control system allows the cutter supply to be controlled with a suitable gas directly from the computer. Ask for a quote!
Laser desks
Honeycomb desk Info Price
The stainless steel honeycomb table is suitable for use when it is a thin material. Tightly spaced hexagons support the flexible material well and at the same time provide sufficient heat dissipation. If thicker material is cut or the final finish is important, the honeycomb table may leave marks on the cutting work. This is particularly the case for vapors and chemicals accumulated in the previous paragraphs. The most common desktop sizes available on site! Ask for a quote!
The workbench with aluminum ribs is very suitable for cutting, because there are significantly fewer traces of grease that can be formed during cutting compared to the honeycomb workbench. Better airflow during cutting is also achieved, and by removing the ribs, traces of grease can be avoided. Ask for a quote!
Spare parts and accessories Info Price
We also offer a large number of spare parts and details. Including: industrial diode lasers; laser welding apparatus; fiber lasers; RF modules and more. If necessary, also special solutions and consultation. Ask for a quote!


LASER WELDER spare parts and accessories
Spare parts and accessories Info Price
Wire feeder for laser welding €970+km
Laser welding protective glass box 10pcs €165+km
Laser welding nozzle box 10pcs €130+km