LASERMEISTER also offers professional technical support and training for every device it sells. We provide general training and education in the use of CNC equipment and laser machines. We offer training materials in Estonian: user manuals for CO2 lasers; occupational safety manuals; tables of speed and power parameters and a list of laser cut materials. We will put together an exact training program according to your needs.

The following trainings are available:
Laser engraving course (with Galvo and CO2 laser bench);
Laser cutting course with CO2 laser;
CNC milling course;
Laser equipment safety course.


If you are purchasing a machine that is not available in the LASERMEISTER selection, we will help you organize the procurement. We can often find a better deal on your preferred manufacturer's machine by benefiting from your dealer network. Laser masters also offer you a consultation on purchasing a new laser or a used machine. We assist in the delivery, setup and training of third party machines.


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