Laser cutting machine for schools, hobby centers and hobby users

We are often asked what is the best laser cutting machine for schools, hobby centers or hobby users to get acquainted with this technology. The answer is usually complicated and depends on many of your wishes, from the thickness of the material and its characteristics to the size of the desired details. To answer this frequently asked question, we've put together a short summary with keywords to help you get started exploring the world of laser.


The answer is our standard series laser cutting machine LM500700 - It is the most popular laser cutting machine in our selection, which has been the first choice of many educational institutions, schools and hobby users when introducing laser technology. The reason why this particular laser cutting machine is best for a beginner is that this laser cutting machine can be supplemented with accessories to suit you. In the following, we present the features of this laser cutting machine and the possibilities to change them.


The LM500700 laser cutting machine can be equipped with laser tubes of different capacities. The range includes 40W, 60W (standard) and 80W laser tube. With these capacities, it is possible to cut solid wood, plywood, plastics, leather, cloth, rubber, cardboard, paper, etc. materials (more detailed list
It is also worth remembering that more powerful laser tubes also require a more powerful cooling system!

Solid wood Plywood Plexiglas Leather Rubber
40w up to 4 mm up to 4 mm up to 5 mm up to 2 mm up to 3 mm
60w up to 6 mm up to 6 mm up to 8 mm up to 3 mm up to 5 mm
80w up to 10 mm up to 10 mm up to 12 mm up to 4 mm up to 6 mm

All laser tubes also allow you to engrave a wide variety of materials. (incl. granite, marble, metal, etc.)
laser tube


The working area of ​​the LM500700 laser cutting machine is 500x700mm as standard. It can be made "unlimited" in the direction of the Y-axis. By ordering a laser cutting machine with an open design, it is possible to engrave and cut longer materials, because the plate material can be pushed through the doors of the machine.
open design

We have a very wide selection of accessories and there are many different devices / tools. It opens up a lot of possibilities ROTARY AXIS, which allows you to engrave / cut cylindrical parts. You can find a good example in the following video:

MARKING SUBSTANCE gives the opportunity to engrave on metal. In addition to metal, it is also possible to engrave on ceramics. Marking spray, marking paste and marking tape are available as marking agents. Examples of how to use these substances and what the end result will be can be found in the video below.

With the help of these accessories, the LM500700 laser cutting machine can be modified to suit you, school, hobby or hobby.