SmartBench PrecisionPRO is a completely new type of milling machine from the English company YetiTool. The machine is of high quality and is suitable for both beginners and profiles. The unique design of the machine allows the machine to be packed in three minutes in a size that can be transported with a ride. At the same time, SmartBench PrecisionPRO processes full-size, 2500x1250 mm materials. The software is user-friendly and allows you to process various images directly from the touch screen control console. Thanks to the new generation of CAM software solutions and the touch-sensitive user interface, the machine can be used after a short training period. SmartBench PrecisionPRO brings full-format CNC technologies to new users at an unprecedented cost.

SmartBench allows you to use familiar applications or select design software to suit your needs and abilities with the help of LASERMEISTER trainers to get started quickly. We teach you to use either free or paid CAM programs to achieve the result you expect. If you already have CAD / CAM software, the good news is that 95% of the existing software is compatible with our milling machines.

  • Ball screw + rack and pinion
  • 2500x1250x150 mm full size bench
  • 1250x1250x150 mm MINI size bench
  • smart touch controller
  • Spindle automatic overload protection
  • Dynamic speed change
  • Wifi and USB compatibility
  • Accuracy up to 0.05mm
  • Training which helps to start cutting or milling immediately
  • Technical support and warranty
  • Compact and practical design
  • Collapsible and transportable
  • Minimal maintenance and high reliability
  • Built and designed in England



Machine technical information

spindle PrecisionPRO 1 kW
Maximum part thickness 150 mm
Effective workspace 2500 x 1250 mm
Accuracy class ± 0,1 mm
Tsangi size ER16 (up to 10mm tips)
Pulse generator integrated controller with touch screen
Free additional connections Vacuum cleaner relay
Positioning Laser positioning or absolute positioning
Workflow 240V
Engines Y - NEMA27; X - NEMA24; Y - NEMA17
Device dimensions 2740x1650x1350 mm
The dimensions of the device are folded 2740x600x400 mm
Connection USB 2.0 / Wifi
Transmission Ball screw + rack

Purchase financing

A CNC machine is generally a quick cost-effective purchase. LASERMEISTER benches can be received in installments as early as 10% of the deposit. You can get the best offer by forwarding our price offer to your home bank. We cooperate with all major Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish banks!

Additional information on financing


Basic equipment - included in the price

spindle 1 kW Spindle
Software CAD / CAM software for drawing and bench control
Training Basic training and video lectures
Tools and equipment Wrenches, power cables, operating instructions

Paid accessories

Smart Stylus - A smart tool instead of a cutter gives the cutter the power of a plotter. With this tool, ÜRASK can cut films or draw posters! See more!
Spare spindle or alternative spindle Ask for an offer!
Milling tips
Vacuum cleaner Ask for an offer!
Tool height determiner 120 € + km


2-year manufacturer's warranty
We offer all benches the opportunity to purchase additional guarantees

* Warranty does not extend to the spindle

Yetitool Freespingid ja enamlevinud varuosad ja lisavavarustus on tavaliselt kohapeal, Tallinna laos. Kui laoseis on otsas, siis täpsustame tarneaega enne tellimuse vastuvõtmist.


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