Laser machine LMP300500 PIRANHA is the smallest and cheapest laser cutter and laser engraver in our professional series. Compact dimensions and light weight make this bench an ideal choice when space is tight. All our professional series benches are characterized by reliability, speed and durability that allow your business to operate quickly and with high quality. The device is built of industrial quality components and has a high assembly quality. All laser master equipment meets European safety and quality standards!

  • Separate controller colored display
  • WIFI connection for file transfer wirelessly
  • USB Controller
  • Durable and practical Swiss design
  • Best-in-class accuracy and speed up to 60mm / min
  • 300x500 work area
  • Auxiliary air flow at the laser head helps to blow away excess slippery when cutting or engraving
  • FREE 1. regular maintenance!
  • Cooling water flow alarm and fire alarm
  • The set includes separate industrial cooling and plenty of useful accessories


Field of application

Many different materials can be cut and engraved with this machine. The CO2 laser cuts paper, cardboard, cardboard, acrylic, plywood, MDF, wood, leather, felt and more. The CO2 laser can engrave laminates, rubber, textiles, glass, metal and more.

Laser technical information

Laser power 40w
Workspace  300x500 mm
Height of the Z axis 150 mm
Engines Nema 23
Axle system HiWin, Taiwan
Volume sensors Omron, Japan
Focusing Automatic and manual
Laser accuracy ± 0,1 mm
Maximum laser speed 60 mm / min
Maximum engraving accuracy 4000 dpi
Min laser beam thickness 0,2 mm
Positioning Red laser dot
Workflow 240V
Auxiliary gas compressed air
Dimensions 410mmx312mmx739mm
Connection USB 2.0 / Ethernet
Display panel 3"
Laser bench weight 90kg


Basic equipment

Our base price includes everything you need to start lasering!
Cooling system CW3A industrial refrigeration
Ventilation system Integrated
Dashboard Honeycomb desk
Software RDWorks
Training Basic training
Tools and equipment USB and power cables
Safety Heat sensor, 2 pairs of goggles
 Extras Optics cleaning kit, wifi module

Possible additional configurations

400x600 workspace; laser power up to 80W; various rotary axes; work- or material-specific desks; smoke remover; air flow regulator; industrial compressed air interface; work indicator; etc.


The 2-year warranty also includes 1 free maintenance that can be used at the right time, but definitely for one year. All maintenance is performed on the basis of the maintenance book. To ensure reliability in production, it is recommended to maintain laser machines at least twice a year!
We offer all benches the opportunity to purchase an additional 1-year warranty, which includes 2 regular maintenance and an extended warranty for the device. All maintenance is performed on the basis of the maintenance book.

* The warranty does not extend to the laser tube or software.

The assembly of laser machines is based on an order. Delivery time may depend on the bench configuration. Delivery time starts after payment is received. Upon arrival of the goods, we will deliver the bench, set it up and teach you how to use it. Some benches and spare parts are available on site.


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