Laserbench LM200300 is the smallest machine in our range. Compact dimensions and light weight make this bench ideal for hobby users. The LM200300 uses a 10W laser resonator that operates at a wavelength of 445nm and has cutting characteristics of 30W CO2 equivalent. A closed working area, integrated fire alarm and smoke extraction ensure maximum safety. The LM200300 is a hobby laser machine with a high quality construction that complies with European safety standards.

LASERMEISTER laser machines stand out from many analogues for better assembly quality and more user-friendly software. Our devices are compatible with the world's best laser cutting software - LightBurn, which allows even a previously inexperienced user to start working after our basic training.

  • Separate controller colored display
  • USB compatibility
  • Good accuracy and high speed
  • 200x300 work area
  • Integrated smoke extraction helps guide the shoe away when cutting or engraving
  • Durable and practical design
  • Air cooling

Laser technical information

Laser power TS3 10W (30W CO2 equivalent)
Z axis 25 mm
Workspace 200x300 mm
Laser accuracy ± 0,2 mm
Maximum laser speed 600 mm / s
Min laser beam thickness 0,25 mm
Positioning Manual
Workflow 240V
Cooling integrated air cooling
Dimensions 570x430x270mm
Connection USB 2.0 / Ethernet
Display panel 3"
Laser bench weight 15kg

Basic equipment

Our base price includes everything you need to start lasering!

Laser tube 10W TS3 445nm diode laser (30W CO2 equivalent)
Cooling system Integrated air cooling
Ventilation system Integrated
Safety Certified safety glasses, occupational safety manual, fire alarm
Software Lightburn 1pc license
Training Basic training, user manuals in Estonian and cutting parameters
Tools and equipment USB and power cables


LASER BENCH 6 Months *
The 6-month warranty includes one 6-month maintenance that can be used at the appropriate time, but certainly during the warranty period. All maintenance is performed on the basis of the maintenance book.
(Educational institutions)
The 1-year warranty includes 6 months of maintenance, which can be used at the right time, but definitely during the warranty period. All maintenance is performed on the basis of the maintenance book.
We offer all benches the opportunity to purchase an additional 1-year warranty, which also includes one additional maintenance, which can be used at a suitable time, but definitely during the additional warranty period. All maintenance is performed on the basis of the maintenance book.

* The warranty does not extend to the laser tube

Delivery time starts after our order confirmation. Before we agree on the installation time, transport it to the bench, set it up and teach it how to use it. Many benches and spare parts are immediately available.


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