Aeon Mira S improvements for the 2024 season

For the past two years, our best-selling laser bench series has been: Mira, from AEON Laser. AEON came out with several innovations in 2022 that were only available on their Nova models until now. But now the best of these features are coming to Mira series benches!

For the 2024 season, Mira 7 and Mira 9 series machines can be configured with the S package at the time of ordering. The S package adds working comfort, durability and speed to the bench. The main difference is a cutting chamber separated by protective glasses, a faster Y axis and a new cutting head design. The lens holder of the cutting head can be removed without tools. However, focusing is done through a volume-sensitive nozzle, which is the best possible way to get the perfect focus height every time. Such automatic focusing system of the cutting head is completely unique on the market and a patented solution that was only available on the most expensive Nova models until now. Now this functionality is also available on Mira benches. Equipped with an air-cooled RF resonator (available in 30W and 60W models), the Mira 7s can achieve speeds of up to 2000mm/s and 5G acceleration. In the case of the Mira 7s and Mira 9s, it is an option package that is configured at the factory, at the time of purchase.